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board of trustees

2016-17 Trustees

Darren Blumenthal 

Jennifer Dhanireddy, M.D.

Jose-Manuel de Castro, Chair

Alisa Evans 

Christine Fitzgerald, Vice Chair

Dr. Sara Fraser 

Dean Gavoni, Treasurer

Jason George 

Matthew Greenfield 

Stacey Koff 

Sonya Merrill 

Elspeth Paul, Secretary

Jessica Rhoades 

Chip Sellers 

Melissa Wilcox 

Lisa Vebber 

Mpambo Wina Shaw


Key to Hollywood Schoolhouse's future is the work of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees includes parents, past parents, educators, and administrators from other schools. While the Board does not manage the day to day operation of the school, it does work closely with the Head in some significant areas:

The Board reviews and maintains bylaws and establishes policies and plans consistent with the School’s mission.

The Board is accountable for the financial well-being of the school, including capital assets, strategic planning, operating budgets, fundraising, and endowments.

Much of the work of the Board is conducted through the following committees:

The Committee on Trustees selects and nominates candidates for Board membership and works with the Board Chair to develop, calendar, and conduct the annual evaluation of the Board.

The Building and Grounds Committee monitors the management of the School’s facilities, identifies future plant needs, and recommends appropriate Board action to meet such needs.

The Development Committee works with the Director of Development in supervising and coordinating all fundraising events and activities, including identifying prospective donors.

The Executive Committee acts in place of the Board when dealing with emergency issues. It serves as a sounding board for the Head to “test the waters” with a small group of trusted Board members and serves as a support mechanism for the Head of School.

The Finance Committee monitors the financial decisions of the Board in light of the School’s Mission and goals. The committee works with the Head of School and Director of Finance to set the School’s annual budget and monitors the School’s accounting and financial reporting, audits the financial statements, investments and financing of capital expenditures and financial performance and long-term financial planning.

The Strategic Planning Committee engages in a strategic and long range planning process every three years, culminating in a written plan for Board approval and implementation.

The Educational Planning Committee works with the Head of School to oversee the development and implementation of key program initiatives.

We extend our ongoing gratitude for the service of these dedicated individuals.