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Hi Parents! 

HSH is a school that prides itself on its community feel, but being part of a community
means participating in your community.  Nearly all of our amazing events throughout the
year run on "parent power" and we are fortunate to have so many talented parents at HSH. 
Please take a look at all of our volunteer opportunities.  We're sure we've got something here
that's perfectly suited to your skill set and interests.  If you have any questions,
please contact the person associated with the event you're interested in --
or you can email our VP of Volunteers, Betsy Sullenger -
Thanks so much for pitching in and making our community strong!

PATH (People Assisting The Homeless)
This is a great opportunity to change lives in your own community! 
HSH partners with PATH throughout the school year to prepare and serve four dinners for the homeless,
furnish an apartment for a family getting their new home, and creating fun events for the kids at PATH. 
This is a wonderful and meaningful way for you AND your kids to make a difference. 
We need volunteers to prepare and/or serve a meal, help collect items and set up a new apartment
and help organize an event for kids (a movie night or something similar).
Contact:  Jamielyn Lippman - & Anindita Dutta -
Sign Up:

Spring 2017
This is our biggest fundraiser AND our biggest party of the year! 
Lots of opportunities to volunteer!
Contact:  Stacey McShane -

This is our "newsroom" elective for 4th through 6th graders.  We know we have plenty of industry parents and we could use your help accessing:  a professional video camera, a boom mic, lavalier mics.  We also need help with editing and green screen on iMovie.

Contact:  Mr. Ray -

Be a part of our fabulous  theater production in March by helping out behind the scenes as a parent volunteer. We need help with sets, props, hair, make up, costumes, concessions!
Many opportunities to get involved! Grades 1-6
Contact: Ms. Alena - & Mr. Ray -
Spring:  TBD
We hold book fairs twice a year and they are a favorite event of many families. 
Please consider volunteering for set up, clean up or to work behind the counter.
Contact: Laurie Cooney -

Ever wonder who the magic elves are that provide refreshments at the school performances and meetings?
Our parent volunteer hospitality crew, that's who! Sign up to help out today.
Contact: Karla Lindeman - & Jen Hollander -

HSH has a community garden two blocks from campus and we have teamed up with
EnrichLA to create a sustainable garden! 
We need parents to join classes during their garden outings.
Contact:  Lisa Vebber -
Hi Gardeners!
Thank you for your interest in growing our garden program (bad pun…). 
We work with an organization called EnrichLA, which builds and maintains school gardens.  
EnrichLA provides a Ranger to HSH once a week - Mondays, from 8am-12pm. 
All of the Rangers are Master Gardeners, which means they have been through a three month
intensive training process and are required to volunteer in community projects.  
Flo Razowsky is our Ranger, and in addition to general maintenance,
she teaches garden curriculum to our kids, JK-5th Grade.
We need volunteers for three tasks:
1. Helping Flo with the classes in the garden on Mondays
2. Running the weekly HSH Farmers Market on Tuesday mornings
3. Big overhaul projects 2-3 times per year
The grades alternate every other Monday.  
-Group A is 1st Grade, 4th Grade, Ms. Cricket, Ms. Jessica
-Group B is 3rd Grade, 5th Grade, Ms. Barbra, Ms. Ericka and JK
I have created an online sign-up that goes through Winter Break. 
It’s broken down into one hour slots.  As you can see, we have a lot of slots to fill,
so please sign up for as many as you can.  If you want to do a whole Monday, 8-12pm - great! 
If you want to do your kid’s class every time, do it!  Take as many as you like.  
This will go wide to the whole school shortly, so you get an exclusive first pick!
Sign Up - click here!
EnrichLA - more info about the organization and curriculum
HSH Garden Blog - Flo does a blog every week!
Any questions?  Contact me!
Lisa Vebber

May 7, 2017
The annual "feel good" community service event of the year! 
Represent our amazing community by planting a tree, painting a mural, and making an impact!
Contact: Stephen Light - & Charles Coy -
Volunteers are needed for two Staff Appreciation Lunches that happen during the school year. 
A little effort goes a long way. Sign up to help with making our wonderful HSH staff feel loved!
Contact:  Tina Harris -

Sign up to help represent HSH in our local community!
Work to develop resources the school can benefit from (facility use, parking, fundraiser donations, E-scrip, etc).
Contact:  Jessica Sims -

Please consider spending one hour per week volunteering during a technology class --
either for your child's class or any other class. 
Parents are vital because many students often need extra help.  
Contact Steffanie Williams -

We need a few parents in each class to keep your parents up to speed on everything going on in our community. 
You'll be the liaison between the Room Rep Coordinator/Administration and your class. 
This is a great job for parents with work schedules because you can do it via email. 
It doesn't require that you be at a certain place at a certain time.
Contact:  Michael Yanovich -

April 28, 2017
A celebration of diversity within our HSH community and beyond!
This ECE event features a potluck, live entertainment, crafting, storytelling, and more.
Sign up to bring a dish or help out. All ECE families are welcome to attend!
Contact: Ms. Jordann - & Ms. Mayra -