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Oh, The Places They'll Go!

Ms. Cricket's Kindergarten class is getting excited for summer vacation, as well as their leap into 1st Grade next year! Last week their literature focus was on Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You'll Go" and explored all the different things one might come across in their path through life – from exploration, awe, and amazement to choices and perseverance. The class had a fun time dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up and created hot air balloons to go along with their dream dictation.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

-Dr. Seuss

June 2017

1st Grade Visits the Rainforest

1st Grade began their animal unit by jumping into jeeps and setting off to the rainforest. The boys and girls learned about the rainforest's environment and its animals. The children wrote facts and drew pictures about this amazing habitat. The children will also visit grasslands, desert, tundra, and the ocean. 

May 2017

STEAM Project with Peeps!

Ms. Barbra’s Kindergarten friends recently constructed Peep boats to learn about density and displacement. The children built on their love of Peeps and their prior knowledge of boats to start the challenge.

Each child was given the task of designing and creating a sail that would keep their boat upright in the water and not allow their boat to capsize and sink.

Prior to starting, the children decided what material they would use for the sail.  Most chose cardstock, some chose felt, none chose foam or tissue paper. Each child cut out and personalized their sail. Next, each child determined the placement of the sail, realizing that it could make the difference of whether the boat would stay upright.   

The children were so excited to see what would happen to their boat once they placed it in the water and eagerly cheered their classmates on.

After each child had a chance to float their boat, the class concluded that the most successful sails were small, not top heavy, had the sail placed in the middle, and were made out of felt.

May 2017

3rd Grade Celebrates Multicultural Day

HSH 3rd Graders celebrated Multicultural Day on April 21st. They researched and learned all about their heritage and created Culture Discovery Boxes with their families. In class, the students made beautiful posters of their profiles decorated with symbols that represent their culture, like flags, traditional instruments and clothing, etc. On Multicultural Day, we displayed their boxes and proudly hung their posters in our classrooms to share with their families and the rest of the Schoolhouse community! Each family also brought in a traditional dish to share for our Multicultural potluck. We had so much fun tasting Moonpies, Japanese fried chicken, Indian samosas, bread pudding, and more!

May 2017

Lower Elementary DREAM Week Challenge

Just before Spring Break, during DREAM Week, all students had the opportunity to break into DREAM Teams with DREAM Week Coaches for a week full of STEAM activities and out-of-the box learning opportunities. For example, 2nd and 3rd Grade students in Ms. Ericka and Ms. Stacey’s DREAM Team were challenged to create a boat that could hold a heavy item without sinking. The students were given set amount of money to buy materials needed to build their boats. Some of the materials they were given to use were foil, straws, tape, corks and popsicle sticks. Teams accepted the challenge, worked together to come up with a budget and design, and produced such interesting structures. Some of the boats stayed afloat, while others sank under the weight. It was great watching the excitement on the students faces. We can't wait for our next DREAM week!


April 2017

HSH 1st Graders Survive a Tornado! 

Just before Spring Break the 1st Graders wrapped up their weather unit with a STEAM project! The scientists had to create a structure that could withstand a hurricane/tornado (a high speed blow dryer) using only 4 items. After the structures were created they were tested out on a “level 3” hurricane/tornado (aka the lower speed). Some structures stood up to the test and others didn’t. Learning from this experience and from the structures that withstood the force of the wind, the scholars had another chance to revamp their designs for a “level 5” hurricane/tornado. The project was very challenging, but alas the children persevered, learned, and had fun!

April 2017

Show Us The Money!

Second grade students have been exploring money. The children are identifying coins and their values, and we have also been counting coin combinations. It has been helpful to work with real money, as there are so many versions of quarters and nickels! The students are learning how to order coins in a set. They put all of the highest value coins first, and then work down. It has been helpful to practice our counting by 5s and 10s. In addition to making coin combinations with real money, students have played money games. We have coin cards, money bingo, and Race to a Dollar. All of these activities help to reinforce coin recognition and counting skills. The students also did a craft activity where they needed “to buy” all of the supplies. While creating a paper bag puppet, the children were given a set amount of money and they needed to buy what they wanted to use to make their puppets. This money exploration is terrific preparation for our Second Grade Sale!

March 2017

Celebrating the 100th Day of School

Last week, HSH 1st Graders celebrated 100 days of school with a bang! They started their morning by making hats with 100 stickers. The students had to figure out how many sheets of stickers they needed with 20 on each one. The children also made a 100 day snack by counting 10 groups of 10 different snack items. Both classes came together and worked on a 100 day art piece. The children were put into groups of two and were handed a bag of 100 items. The children first counted to make sure there were 100 then put them all together in a creative way. Take a look!

March 2017

Kindergarten Hall of Fame

Ms. Barbra & Miss Karla’s Kindergarten class has amazing news to share.  Every student in the class has made it to the “Hall of Fame”.  This is a BIG NEWS!  In order to get to the “Hall of Fame”, each student must get to ‘Super Student’ status 5 times. This task is not easy. To get to ‘Super Student’ a child must demonstrate being responsible, safe, and kind throughout the day.  The students in our class shared their exciting news with their 6th grade buddies and this is what they said.

Getting to the “Hall of Fame” makes me feel…

  • Sienna : really excited
  • Jane: happy and excited
  • Lilah Bell: happy
  • Owen: really happy
  • Van:  amazing
  • Jackson:  very happy
  • Tristan: super happy
  • Aidan:  happy and excited
  • Shiloh: proud and happy
  • Dominic:  happy
  • Lucy:  happy
  • Lennon:  happy and surprised
  • Vesper:  happy
  • Austin:  listening to the teacher
  • Madison: happy and proud

I achieved “Hall of Fame” status by…

  • Sienna : working hard and listening to my friends and teachers
  • Jane: listening to the teachers
  • Lilah Bell: being good.  I was also kind to my friends.
  • Owen: always listening to Ms.Barbra
  • Van:  I listened to Ms.Barbra
  • Jackson:  paying attention in class and paying attention to the teachers
  • Tristan: working hard to do my best
  • Aidan:  being good and listening
  • Shiloh: worrying about what I do
  • Dominic:  being a good student
  • Lucy:  listening while the teacher is talking
  • Lennon:  not interrupting and paying attention
  • Vesper:  listening to the teacher and worrying about myself
  • Austin:  listening to the teacher
  • Madison: being nice to my friends and teachers

We are all looking forward to continued success and more trips to the "Hall of Fame"!

February 2017

HSH 3rd Graders Visit Watts Towers

Just recently, HSH 3rd Graders had the opportunity to visit the Watts Towers! Students were in awe of the amazing structure of the towers and the colorful tiles that adorned them. Their tour guide, Mr. James taught the students that an Italian immigrant, Sam Rodia, created this massive landmark all alone, using the simplest of tools and tiles and glass he collected along the train tracks. Students also had the opportunity to take part in an art workshop where we drew our own versions of the towers on styrofoam, applied paint using a stamp ink roller, then made our print on construction paper. It was a great day, and an inspiring and fun way for the students to enhance their studies of Los Angeles.

February 2017

Compost and Earthworms in 2nd Grade

Wondering what 2nd Grade has been up to? Second graders have been busy learning about soil, composting, and earthworms. They used rocks to crush bark, and leaves, sand, and plant roots to make their own soil. Students learned about the benefits of composting by bringing in a variety of kitchen scraps. Then they created their own compost bin by layering soil and kitchen scraps into an empty gallon sized water bottle. The next step was to observe and see what changes happened.

Another exciting topic the 2nd Graders have been exploring is earthworms. The students had the opportunity to hold and measure real earthworms. Some of the children were really excited about feeling them and looking up close at their bodies. For some children touching the earthworms was a challenge! Overall, the students have had an outstanding time exploring these topics. We teachers do our best to give all children a hands-on experience, and hope this one made their learning fun and memorable!




February 2017

Virtual Field Trips in Ms. Kelly’s 1st Grade

Our 1st Grade friends love to explore the world around them. They enjoy sharing with their classmates the wonderful trips they have taken. In an effort to keep that curiosity growing, Ms. Kelly’s class has embarked on taking Virtual Field Trips. So far they have visited the Smithsonian National Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Through the wonderful world of technology, all 1st Grade students have to do is power up their Smart Board and they are able to view live camera feeds of penguins, lions, elephants, and even check in on their favorite giant panda Bao Bao (BOW-BOW) as she makes her way back to China.

Here are some links they used if you would like to try at home:

February 2017

Kindergarten Moves Full STEAM Ahead

This past month, Ms. Cricket’s Kindergarten friends collaborated on building structures made entirely out of gumdrops and toothpicks. This STEAM activity was a wonderful opportunity for children to work together to practice their problem solving skills. Take a look!

January 2017

3rd Grade Discovers the Tongva Tribe

HSH 3rd Graders have been learning all about the Tongva Tribe, the first Native Americans who inhabited the area known today as Los Angeles. The Tongva were closely connected to the land and lived off all natural resources available to them. As cumulative projects, the students created Tongva inspired murals and brochures. The children also learned that acorns were an important natural resource used by them. As a result, the children created acorn inspired recipes. 





January 2017

2nd Grade Students Explore Biographies

Both 2nd Grade classes began working with a new genre, biographies! The children were able to work in smaller groups, and focused on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each small group has since been creating and composing reflections about Dr. King’s life. The children are beyond curious about his life, and strongly protest unfair treatment of others. It has been wonderful to see their passion about civil rights! Last week was a fantastic introduction to biography work, and now students will select their own person of interest to study. This is one of the main projects of focus for 2nd Grade, as the children become experts through reading biographies, writing newsletters, and creating an art piece.  They look forward to starting that project soon!



January 2017

Ms. Stacy's 1st Grade Rescues Rudolph

Just before the winter break, Ms. Stacy's class participated in a Breakout EDU game. Breakout EDU creates ultra-engaging learning games. The games teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and troubleshooting by presenting students with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. Each game comes with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys, and other “diversion hardware” that can be used to play the Breakout challenges.

The game Ms. Stacy's class played involved rescuing Rudolph from a locked room and making sure he got back to Reindeer Training Camp. The children had to decide which things were and were not clues, finding ways to unlock boxes, solve a puzzle, and discover the code to a digital lock. The children had so much fun doing this. Here are a few pictures that captured the event.



January 2017

3rd Grade’s Whirlwind Tour of LA Landmarks

HSH 3rd Graders stepped into the role of docents recently and took their parents and the school community on a mini tour of the many historical landmarks of Los Angeles! Each student presented facts, history, pictures, and general information on an LA landmark. In addition, they built mini replicas of their buildings by using recyclable materials and any other supplies they deemed useful. Their projects were quite impressive! Did you know that City Hall was built in 1928 for about 7.5 million dollars or that the LA Memorial Coliseum has an original stone from both the coliseum in Rome and Athens? Have you ever seen the Binoculars Building built by architect Frank Gehry in Venice Beach or tasted a delicious donut from Randy's Donuts? Next time you spot a 3rd Grader, feel free to ask them more!





December 2016

Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Graders Celebrate Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Do you know about Grandparents and Special Friends day? Just before Thanksgiving, all students were able to celebrate this special day where Grandparents or Special Friends came to school and had the opportunity to get a peek into the Schoolhouse community! On this day, Ms. Ericka’s students worked on a turkey glyph activity with their special guests. Afterwards, their special guests traveled with the students to their dance class where they proudly showed a little bit of their dance routine from the upcoming winter show. The Grandparents and Special Friends were in awe watching their moves. To end the day, the children and special guests had the opportunity to see what goes on in Art class and work on a Thanksgiving themed art project. This was a wonderful experience for not only the children, but Grandparents and Special Friends too! Our community rocks!




December 2016

Counting Doubles is No Trouble for 1st Grade

HSH 1st Graders have been practicing their Doubles Facts (1-10) to learn how to quickly and accurately add numbers. One of the strategies they used to master this Math concept is a Doubles song. Next time you see one of our 1st Graders, ask them to sing you their song - they'll be glad to rap a little Math jingle for you!

November 2016

Ms. Cricket's Kindergarten Goes Batty for Bats!

Ms. Cricket’s Kindergarten students have spent the last week immersed in a unit on bats! Their book focus was Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon, and the class worked on all sorts of fun language, math, and science activities with a bat theme, Students created "bat facts" journals where they wrote about and illustrated fun facts about bats while incorporating their popcorn words and putting their sentence writing skills to work.

In math, the class worked on ‘bat addition’ word problems using little rubber bats as counters. In science, students talked about the characteristics of bats and the differences between bats and birds. Our Kindergarten friends enjoyed learning about bats as "nocturnal" hunters who use echolocation to determine the texture, shape, size, and location of an object. This week, they will participate in an "echolocation" experiment using paper towel rolls and aluminum pie tins and they can’t wait!







November 2016

Pumpkin Elevators in 3rd Grade

Third Graders have been away lately! Last week’s activity required the students to solve the following problem: Create an elevator that can hold the weight of a pumpkin. This activity required the children to brainstorm, design, plan, build, test, and work together as a team in order to bring their vision to fruition. S.T.E.A.M. activities challenge the children intellectually with critical thinking as they become innovative problem solvers. S.T.E.A.M. encompasses the most engaging, hands-on subjects in our schools while encouraging and fostering creativity. Take a look at some of the finished products!






November 2016

Fire Safety Exploration in 2nd Grade

2nd Grade students did many activities during their Fire Safety Explorations this past month. They read a story about a boy who visits a firehouse with his class, they had a chance to create their own vocabulary cards to go along with the weekly story, and they were asked to engage in a STEAM activity to practice fire safety concepts. Ms. Jessica and Ms. Ericka set some guidelines about the activity. First, the groups needed to work together like a team of firefighters. They also had to create a physical representation of any vocabulary word, or a word connected to firefighters. The last guideline was that their creation needed to hold water for 20 seconds. 

To complement the story they read in class, both 2nd Grade classes took a walking field trip to our local Fire Station 27. The firefighters gave them a tour of the station, and taught them all about their gear and rigs. The students even enjoyed a bagel snack in the kitchen, just like the boy in their weekly story. A writing element that we did in connection to this topic was a friendly letter. Students practiced the correct format of a friendly letter, while writing to the firefighters. The goal of the letter was to thank them, and for students to highlight their favorite parts of the visit.  Did you know that Fire Station 27 has the nickname, “The Show?” Ask the next 2nd Grader you see to tell you more about what they learned about Fire Safety! 

October 2016

1st Grade Thinks Critically About Math

Part of 1st Grade Math is learning how to be critical thinkers. After spending several weeks discovering new ways to add numbers, the students were given a challenge. The children had to create a design that equaled 20 points. Their designs were to be made up of various shapes, each with a certain point value. The boys and girls had to explain their thinking and design by drawing and writing it out on a piece of paper. Once they came up with a solution, they built the design.  These are a few pictures that show the student's masterpieces.



October 2016

Kindergarten’s Apple-Themed STEAM Activity

Ms. Barbra & Ms. Karla’s Kindergarten class recently built apple structures for an apple STEAM activity. Prior to the activity, the children used their senses to discuss the properties of an apple. Ms. Barbra posed the question: Does the shape, color, feel, size, or weight of an apple change when you cut it up?

The children made statements about the property of an apple prior to cutting it:
It is round.
It is smooth.
It is red.
It smells sweet.
It is medium sized.
It weighs 103 ounces.

Then the Kindergarteners cut the apple and discussed if the properties changed:
It smells sweeter.
It is not round anymore.
It is in pieces.
You can see the skin and the flesh.

Next the class predicted if the weight of the apple would change after cutting it. They weighed the apple, and concluded that the weight remained the same.

Each child used their chopped up apple and some toothpicks to create a freestanding structure. The students had a great time building their own apple structure which combined design skills, engineering, and fine motor skills.  They also loved being able to eat it afterwards.









October 2016

3rd Graders (a.k.a. Master Los Angeles Geographers)

Ms. Francesca’s 3rd Graders have been busy learning all about the geography of Los Angeles. So far, they have studied the specific landforms of our area, such as bay, peninsula, basin, river, mountains, hills, ocean, and valley. The students have demonstrated their understanding of these landforms by making their own flip books, maps, and topographic maps. Next they will focus on the first inhabitants of Los Angeles, the Tongva Natives.




October 2016

Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Grade Explores Force and Motion

The school year has started off with a bang for Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Grade! Ms. Ericka jumped right into her science curriculum by asking all of her students to write down one question they had about the topics of force and motion. From the students’ questions and curiosity, they started to explore the concepts through ramp building, a dancing raisin activity, magnet play, and airplane making. So far, her students are fascinated by the fact that force and motion play a part in their daily lives. They will continue to explore this topic through several projects and hands-on activities. If you haven't noticed, 2nd grade is the place to be! The teachers strive to create a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable, and the students think they’re doing a pretty great job.




October 2016

1st Graders Find Their ‘Just Right Books’

Ms. Lauren’s 1st Graders have been off to an excellent start of the first few weeks of the school year! They have spent time learning about one another while diving into all of their favorite subject areas. To keep all of the children accountable for their learning this year, the 1st Graders have examined what it means to be safe, kind, and responsible. They read the story David Goes to School by David Shannon to help us think of and discuss various norms for ourselves here at HSH. These scholars thought of more ways to be safe, kind, and responsible than we (teachers) could have imagined!  After documenting these ideas, all of the children signed a paper to show they would follow the norms they created and agreed upon.  

One subject in particular that 1st Grade has been working on is reading! Reading is a major focus during 1st Grade. To help them get ready for many opportunities to read independently, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Stacy, and Ms. Nicole have been helping the children find their ‘just right book’. This is a book that the children can decode independently, with at the most 2-3 words on a page that they may need help with. After finding the right books for themselves, the children have been building their reading stamina. They have spent specific amounts of time, starting with 2 minutes and building from there, practicing reading without any talking or distractions. These kids have been immersed in books and the growth is already showing! What a year this will be for our 1st Graders!




September 2016

Kindergarten Picks Up STEAM

Ms. Cricket's class has had an awesome start to the school year! We've been having lots of fun reading back to school books and working on activities related to each book. Our favorite book this week was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., with illustrations done by the talented Lois Ehlert. The activities that the students did incorporated both a language and math component. The class had fun creating their own coconut trees and then finding the letters in their names to put "up" in the tree. After they were finished, they counted the letters in their name and then added the corresponding number to their creation.

In Science, the kiddos collaborated together for a STEAM activity (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) relating to the story. Their objective was to build a 3-dimensional Chicka Chicka Boom Boom alphabet  tree out of everyday items in our classroom. We used painted wooden letters that the class did as an art activity, wooden blocks, and craft sticks. The class worked together to see how many letters their tree was able to hold. As a follow up activity, they drew pictures of their design. Needless to say, Kindergarten is off to a GREAT start!



September 2016